Dayanson Shaked Ltd offers a wide range of  professional engineering services for new construction and maintenance services. Our services include:

  • Third Party Inspection.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Consultancy in Materials & Welding Engineering
  • Engineering design review.
  • Inspection of construction of Natural Gas pipelines & PRMS.
  • Shop and site inspection involving stage and final inspection.
  • Witnessing performance tests.
  • Factory acceptance tests.
  • Project Management and Project Control.
  • Welding Procedure Specification & Qualification (WPS & PQR).
  • Welder’s training, qualification & certification.
  • API 570 in service piping inspections.
  • Nondestructive Testing ASNT level I and II personnel training and qualification (RT, UT, PT, MT, VT).
  • Consultancy in Nondestructive Testing ASNT, ACCP, Level III (RT, UT, PT, MT, VT)
  • Consultancy in NADCAP NDT.
  • Technical Expert EN ISO 3834: Advise, guidance, procedures for certification to ISO 3834-2.

 Dayanson Shaked Ltd personnel are the best at what they do. They are trained in operating and follow our established processes during material inspection, witness of production and inspection activities, witness testing of the part and assemblies during and after production. They have extensive practical experience in Third party inspection, project management, quality control and welding supervision of base materials and welded parts such as in:

» natural gas pipelines and systems

» mobile lifting cranes

» hydraulic equipment

» metal construction welded structures

» oil tanks and reservoirs

» non-pressure piping

» power stations structures

» stacks

» steam turbine components

» HRSG stations

» fuel storage tanks and piping

» high pressure piping

» boilers

» pressure vessels

» coal ship unloader cranes

» military equipment

» electric poles

» bridges

» castings