about dayanson Shaked

 About dayanson

Dayanson Shaked Ltd is an independent privately owned engineering company providing a complete range of services including Materials, Welding and NDT Level III Consultancy, Third party inspection (TPI), Quality assurance & Quality control, Vendor inspection, Surveillance, Expediting, Welders and Non-destructive testing training and qualification of personnel.

Our services are Objective, Independent and Confidential.

Dayanson Shaked Ltd offers specialist knowledge in various industries including Power generation ,Construction industries, the Oil and Gas Industries , Process Plants and Refineries, Chemical Plants, Onshore Structure, High & Low pressure Natural Gas systems, CNG, LPG and LNG Plants, Gas gathering, Storage and Distribution System as well as Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines.

Dayanson Shaked Ltd is an approved welder(s) certification body recognized by the Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel.

Mission Statement

We measure success not by the profit we produce, but by the trust we earn. Not by the size of business, but by the strength of our reputation.  Not by the number of clients we attract, but by the quality of every relationship we make.

Dayanson Shaked Ltd is committed to meeting and exceeding the service levels expected by our customers , and to constantly provide high quality service in a safe, accurate, expedite and professional manner.